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Theatre & Outings
Pirates of Penzance, Buxton Opera House, Gilbert and Sullivan Opera Company - 28 Jul 2019
Cambridge mini-holiday - 27-29 Jul 2019
Southport Flower Show - 16 Aug 2019
Luck Numbers, Playhouse, Cheadle - 1,2 or 3 Oct 2019
See here for details

Research Projects
A researcher at Manchester Metropolitan University is seeking volunteers for a study investigating changes in muscle mass and power in older people. For details click here

Researchers at Manchester University are seeking volunteers for a research study investigating a new in-canal hearing aid. Volunteers need to be under 80 years. For details click here

Next Monthly Meeting - July 18th
EGM plus Alaister Macrae will share more of his videos clips on his travels

Group News

New Art Group
After the success of our art group, which is now at capacity, I am pleased to announce Mel, our resident artist will be taking a second group. This will be held on a Monday morning in Cheadle Hulme starting in September.

The aim of the Art group is to help people to enjoy art in a relaxed friendly atmosphere. Everyone is welcome to join the group irrespective of ability and experience. As the sessions progress a variety of projects and themes will be covered.

If you want to come along and join in a very social activity where you can have the opportunity to meet others with similar interests and work with different materials

email: with Art Group 2 as the subject

09/07/19 - Expires 30/09/19

New Group - Gardening
This new group is for keen gardeners wishing to make the most of their gardens month by month. Members will contribute to this practical hands on gardening by sharing good practise, and finding solutions to problems.

email: with gardening as the subject

30/06/19 - Expires 30/09/19

Proposed New Group - Racketball
Racketball is the fastest growing racket sport in the world. It is easy to learn, slower than Squash and Tennis and MUCH gentler on the knees! The beauty of Racketball is that, compared to Squash, it is considerably more "age-friendly". The ball used is a lot larger, a lot bouncier and therefore makes the game much slower. Many people are still playing Racketball in their late seventies and early eighties.

Initial coaching and/or trial session given at Grove Park Squash Club.
If you are interested email: with Racketball as the subject.

05/06/19 - Expires 30/09/19

A Cappella Group
Is looking for a gentleman, or lady, who can sing tenor to increase the range of music possibilities. There are also vacancies for other voices.
If you are interested email: with A Cappella as the subject.

05/06/19 - Expires 31/07/19

Photography Group Gallery
Have a look at some of the photographs taken by the Photography group. The latest monthly theme is 'Signs and Graffiti' here

21/06/19 - Expires 31/07/19

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