Science for All Group

Summary This group aims to share an interest in science and technology with all U3A members, whether they have a related background or not. Topics will be relevant to everyday life.
Venue The group meets in the upstairs (Rhodes) room, Bramhall Village Club, Lumb Lane 2.00 - 4.00pm
Normally on the first Wednesday of the month
Contact Mike Hollingsworth - Telephone details are in the paper/email copy of the newsletter
Email with 'U3A Science for All enquiry' as the subject

Wed 1st May 2019 Guided tour of Owens Campus, Manchester University followed by a Cream tea
Wed 5th Jun 2019 "The origin and form of Nature's patterns: feedback and fractals, coastlines and chaos", a talk by Dr James Christian, School of Computing, Science & Engineering, Salford University
Jul/Aug 2019 No meetings
Tue 3rd Sep 2019"Harnessing the Immune system against Cancer", a talk by Dr Fiona Thistlethwaite, Consultant in Medical Oncology, Experimental Cancer Medicine Team, Christie Hospital. Note this talk will start at 7.00 pm.

Past Events
Apr 2019 "Targeted Drug Therapy and the Treatment of Cancer", a talk by Dr Ian Shaw, a member of Bramhall U3A
Mar 2019 "Understanding the Artificial Intelligence Industrial Revolution", a talk by Dr Andre Freitas, Lecturer, School of Computer Science, Manchester University
Feb 2019 "Semiconductors: From University to the Workplace", a talk by Alex Burgess, Diodes Zetex Semiconductors Ltd. Oldham
Jan 2019 "Microalgae:the solution to our sustainability problems?", a talk by Ms Nicola Wood, PhD student in Bioenergy
Dec 2018 Christmas quiz time
Nov 2018 "Aviation infrastructure", a talk by John Daly, Civil engineer
Sep 2018 Visit to the Amazon Fulfillment Centre, Airport City, Altrincham
Sep 2018 "What's on the brain", a talk by Dr Jill Barber, Manchester University
Jun 2018 "Liver disease - facts and myths", a talk by Dr David Das, a member of Bramhall U3A
May 2018 Visit to the National Stone Centre near Matlock
Apr 2018 "Your Memory and You", a talk by Stephen Pechey, Assistant Principal at St. Albans College and Lecturer in Psychology
Mar 2018 "Autonomous Cars: History, Technology, Challenges", a talk by Stuart Rowell, Engineering Services Company AVL
Feb 2018 "Solar energy and its journey from the centre of the sun to your electric kettle", a talk by George King, Emeritus Professor of Physics at the Photon Institute, Manchester University
Jan 2018 "Parkinson's disease", a talk by Dr Jude Bek and Ms Jade Pickering, Division of Neuroscience and Experimental Psychology, Manchester University
Dec 2017Technologies of Tomorrow's World - Christmas edition!!
Nov 2017"Role of iron in health and disease", a talk by Dr Dave Das, U3A member.
Oct 2017Visit to Lion Salt Works near Northwich
Sep 2017"Scientific studies of Egyptian mummies", a talk by Dr Lidija McKnight, KNH Centre for Biomedical Egyptology, Manchester University
Jun 2017Visit to Robert's Bakery, Northwich
May 2017"What is dementia and how can we improve the way we detect symptoms?" A talk by Gemma Stringer and Annie Pye, Institute of Brain, Behaviour and Mental Health.
Apr 2017"History of Computing in Britain", a talk by Dr James Sumner, Centre for the History of Science, Technology & Medicine, University of Manchester
Mar 2017"Early glass technology", a talk by Dr Birgitta Hoffman, Course Director Manchester Continuing Education Network & Co-Director Roman GASK project
Feb 2017"Alderley Edge mines", a talk by Nigel Dibben, National Trust
Jan 2017Layla's story: Will her life be the first to have been saved by gene editing?", a talk by Ian Shaw, a member of Bramhall U3A
Nov 2016 Visit to Avro Heritage Museum, Woodford
Oct 2016 "Why are different aircraft the shape they are?", a talk by Julian Ward
Sep 2016 "Electricity in the home or What's in the box?", a talk by David Stansfield, a member of Bramhall U3A
Jun 2016 "Epigenetics", a talk by Dr Chris Murgatroyd, School of Healthcare Science, Manchester Metropolitan University
May 2016

"Dreams and aspirations in later life: grassroots organising and activism by migrants' elderly parents in Bolivia" a talk by Dr Tanja Bastia, Global Development Institute, Manchester University
Apr 2016 Visit to Stockport Hydro, Otterspool
Mar 2016 "Graphene - beyond the sticky tape", a talk by Dr Mohammed Nazmul Karim, National Graphene Institute, Manchester University
Feb 2016 "Victorian water problems and engineering solutions", a talk by John Houghton, a member of Cheadle & Gatley U3A
Jan 2016 Visit to Waters Corporation, Altrincham Road, Wilmslow
Nov 2015 "Malaria - resistance and genes", a talk by Kornelia Cinkotai, a member of Bramhall U3A
Oct 2015 "Human parasites - A Rogues' Gallery", a talk by John Hyde, a member of Bramhall U3A
Sep 2015 "Waste and how to get rid of it", a talk by Paul Ramsden, a member of Bramhall U3A
Jun 2015"Energy cost of walking" - a talk by Dr Milos Petrovic, Manchester Metropolitan University
May 2015"Medical Imaging from 1895 to the present day" - a talk by Bernard Loveday
Apr 2015Visit to Airbus industries, Broughton
Mar 2015"The Twentieth's Century's Forgotten Miracle" - a talk by David Pechey (U3A member)
Feb 2015Visit to Manchester Museum of Science and Industry
Jan 2015"The Science of Cycling" - a talk by Mike Hollingsworth and David Rowell, members of Bramhall U3A
Nov 2014"Cystic Fibrosis: Past, Present and Future" - a talk by Professor Kevin Webb, Wythenshawe hospital
Oct 2014"19th Century Manchester Scientists" - a guided walk around the centre of Manchester
Sep 2014"Fritz Haber - Nobel Prizewinner and War criminal" - a talk by Bernard Bloom
Jun 2014"What we did in science and technology ", presentations by members of the group
May 2014"How can ageing affect how we make sense of our environment?", a talk by Sam Couth, PhD student, Manchester University
Apr 2014Guided walk around Lower Moss Wood Nature Reserve, Ollerton near Knutsford, by Ray Jackson M.B.E.
Mar 2014"The Grand Canyon - rocks, rafting and the river", a talk by Liz Hyde
Feb 2014"Pseudoscience", a talk by Dr Austin Elliott, Manchester University
Jan 2014"Rapid Change in the Arctic: What does it mean to you?", a talk by Professor Terry Callaghan, Nobel prizewinner
Nov 2013"Drug discovery process over the years", a talk by Jo Irving
Oct 2013Visit to Anson Engine Museum, Poynton
Sep 2013CERN, the Large Hadron Collider, the Higgs Boson and all that", a talk by Dr Ian Duerdoth
Jun 2013Visit to Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre and Arboretum

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