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Summary The poetry group meet on the second Monday of the month at 2pm We hold the meetings in each other's houses and the person who hosts the meeting chooses a theme for that month.
Venue Members houses.
Contact Jean Budd - Telephone details are in the paper copy of the newsletter
Email groups@bramhallu3a.org.uk with 'U3A Poetry Enquiry' as the subject

There are nine of members of the poetry group and we meet on the second Monday of the month at 2pm. We hold the meetings in each other's houses and the person who hosts the meeting chooses a theme for that month. For example, Children, Love, Journeys etc. Then we all spend a happy time delving into books looking for poems on that theme.

On the day of the meeting, we all bring copies of two poems that we have chosen, for each member of the group. Seeing them, as well as listening to them being read, helps us to take them in and also to highlight areas we might not understand for further discussion.

We are a mixed group in that one or two of us have a good knowledge of poetry, but others are coming to it relatively new. Some remember poems from schooldays and are happy to revisit former poets as well as being introduced to new ones.

Our discussions of the poems are friendly and positive even if we do not always agree, and the session comes to an enjoyable conclusion with some light refreshment. A pleasant afternoon, giving us food for thought and an aim for the next session.


Cars park on the side of the road and decant their smiling occupants, who clutch bags of books. They are welcomed by the hostess and are soon comfortably seated indoors, exchanging news. It is 2pm on the second Monday of the month and the Poetry Group is about to begin.

I see you shrug your shoulders and look for a more interesting article to read. But spare me a few moments. Perhaps for you, poetry is that stuff at school that you could never understand, and which bored you. But things have moved on since the days of Wordsworth and Shelley et al, and nowadays you can hear poetry frequently on the radio, in programmes like “Saturday Live”, which often begins and ends with a topical poem. These are no sonnets by Milton, but lively, rhythmical, often humorous comments on current affairs.

In our little group, we regularly find poems that are funny, sad, intense, dramatic or thought provoking, some by classical poets, others by modern writers, and all give rise to some fascinating discussions. At the moment, we have two spare places in the group. If you would like to try it out, to see if you like it, why not come along and sit in on one of our meetings. Perhaps we should change the name of the group and call it “The Rhyme and Rhythm Group”!

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