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Summary Mapping Bramhall is a research group looking at Bramhall past, present and future. In addition to topics which we all research, individuals pursue their own interests and report back to the group.
Venue Meet third Monday in the month at 2:00pm at Co-ordinator's home.
Contact Val Murray - Telephone details are in the paper copy of the newsletter
Email with 'U3A Mapping Bramhall Enquiry' as the subject

We research Bramhall, past, present and future, both individually and as a group. The group only functions because everyone makes a contribution. Individual research topics include Bramhall history, schools, buildings and their uses, oral history, care homes and industry. Group activities have included an annual local walk, sitting and observing for fifteen minutes, tracing rivers, recording bridges, cafe and tree surveys and favourite maps. We have occasional quizzes and sometimes send off letters pointing out things that need attention.

Findings are presented at the monthly meetings and a paper copy is lodged in our archive which now contains more than 100 items. Tea, biscuits and sharing local news are an important part of the meetings which take place round the leader's kitchen table.

Members of the Mapping Bramhall Group surveying the Ladybrook Valley

December 2019 Report: View

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