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Summary Discussion Group. We have 12 member's in the Monday Discussion group with a usual attendance of about 9.
Venue The meetings are hosted at a member's house on the 4th Monday at 2pm.
Contact Dina Levy - Telephone details are in the paper copy of the newsletter
Email groups@bramhallu3a.org.uk with 'U3A Discussion Group Enquiry' as the subject

The meetings are hosted at a member’s house and a different person chairs the meeting, introducing the subject to be discussed, followed by members each giving their thoughts on the matter. There is a short refreshment interval with tea/coffee and biscuits.

Future discussions will include such topics as:

Why is education such a controversial issue?
Down memory lane.
Should our universal pension benefits be sacrosanct?
Is there a case for air-brushing photographs?
Euthanasia - should we have a choice?
How far would you go to help a stranger?
What kind of second chamber do we want in the House of Commons.

We try to have a mix of light-hearted and serious topics and everyone gets an opportunity to air their views, making an interesting and lively afternoon.

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