Cafe Book Group

Summary There are 3 groups meeting monthly on a Mon morning, a Tuesday afternoon and a Wed afternoon.
Venue Plumcake Cafe in Bramhall precinct (Monday Group) Damson Tree on Fountains Rd. (Tuesday Group) Yardbird Cafe on Woodford Rd Bramhall (Wednesday Group)
Contact Olga Hampson (Mon group) Kay Witham (Tues Group) Sharon Turner (Wed Group) Telephone details in the paper copy of the newsletter.
Email with 'U3A Cafe Book Group Enquiry' as the subject

The Cafe Book Group(s) meet once a month. Space is limited so the groups are restricted to 8 members.

Lockdown News

Wednesday Group
We have had two zoom meetings and following the second we did a remote book exchange.
Books were left out on my drive and swaps and returns were made over two days.
I am currently reading one of the swaps and enjoying it so much have ordered the other three titles.
We seem to have settled on detective-mystery type novels which I believe we are all enjoying.
This group had only met twice before lockdown and was at most six members.
I fervently hope we shall be able to meet again in a month or so.
Sharon Turner

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